Last Mile Delivery

At Yamato Tidiki Express, we want to help our client differentiate your business with our exemplary logistics services. Yamato Tidiki Express strive to provide our client above and beyond simple transportation of parcels. Last-mile delivery will never be the same again with Yamato Tidiki Express.

Local Services

Local Delivery

Yamato Tidiki Express provides affordable flat rate local courier services of small panels to large items island wide. From same-day to next-day delivery. we ensure timeliness of delivery your products to the customers’ doorstep.

Cash On Delivery

Yamato Tidiki Express is able to handle cash/cheque collections from customers, and then consolidate and transfer payment back to the principal.

Warehouse Management System

An integration of Warehouse Management System (WMS) into the operation in Yamato Tidiki Express Warehouse to support our warehouse and distribution operations. This is to ensure our operations are smooth and able to meet customers’ satisfaction.

V-Tracking System

V-tracking is a Smart phone application used by Yamato Tidiki Express to track all our deliveries. Customers can also track their delivery states by using our V-tracking system online platform. More information will be given on the online platform once you are our customers.

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