Warehousing and Distribution


With a space estimated of forty-five thousand square foot of storage facilities using state of the art technology as well as a team of dedicated personnel. All your stored logistics are in safe hands when you engage storage services with us. Our warehouse is divided into air conditioned (24 hours) and non-air conditioned to match the client’s needs.

Yamato Tidiki Express Healthcare

In 2016, Yamato Tidiki Express managed to get a place as an Ordinary Member of Singapore Logistics Association. This Certification will only be award to Logistic companies that provide high quality of service with professionalism and excellence in the Logistic Industrial. This shows how Yamato Tidiki Express always see customer satisfaction very highly and Yamato Tidiki Express will continue to provide the best service to our customers.

Warehouse Services

Last Mile Delivery

We provide a supply chain management and transportation service from the start of Logistical to the end of delivery to the customers. Such services are Local Deliveries, Express Deliveries and more. Click Here for more information.

Healthcare Items Delivery

Yamato Tidiki Express warehouse certified for Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMD) of Singapore to store and distribute of Medical Devices. Click Here for more information.

Freight Forwarding

We provide both Air and Sea Freight Forwarding. We will cover assistance of all the applications need for the whole process. Click Here for more information or get a rate.

Multi-Level Marketing Goods Delivery

We provide storing, picking and distributing services to Multi-Level Marketing Companies.  Below is the service we providing:
1. Warehouse storage
-Provide a rental space, keep track of their stock
-Stocks are delivered regularly from warehouse to their office to maintain certain inventory level
2.Required pick and pack service
3. B2C deliveries

Or Click Here to get a rate. We can even customize own service based on your needs

Cross Border Delivery

In Yamato Tidiki Express, we provide Cross Border Delivery from Singapore to Malaysia and Thailand and Vice Versa. We will settle all the application is needed for the delivery. Click Here to get a rate.

Automotive Spare Parts Delivery

We provide warehousing and distribution of automotive spare parts to Automotive repair workshops. Below are the following services that we provide:
1. Provide dedicated rider to run their routine route
2. Delivery to Dealer from National Distributors
3. Delivery to a workshop from Dealer

or Contact us for more information. We can also customize our service based on your needs.

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