Value Added Services

Yamato Tidiki Express is your one stop solution for warehousing and distribution logistics services. Yamato Tidiki Express aims to provide our customers more flexibility and more value added services. To meet a higher customer satisfaction, we have customised services basic on the individual needs.

V-tracking System

V-tracking is a Smart phone application used by Yamato Tidiki Express to track all our deliveries. Customers can also track their delivery states by using our V-tracking system online platform. More information will be given on the online platform once you are our customers.

Urgent Service and night Delivery

Do you have an urgent delivery that needed to be delivered within the next 2 – 4 hours or even night delivery? In Yamato Tidiki Express, we provide express delivery services. Click Here to send in your request or an enquiry for the service.


Customise Logistic Solution

Looking to outsource your logistics and distribution to save the cost and time? Yamato Tidiki Express, we aim to value add our client business in all the possible ways from exceptional services to timely delivery to meet customer satisfaction. We are able to take up contractual projects that are basic on the needs of the customer’s business. Click here to send us an enquiry for this service or got a quote for this service.

Pick and Pack

Want to save time on packing your goods? Source it out Yamato Tidiki Express, we not only pack, we will also pick it up from you. Click Here to enquire or get a quote for this service.

Simple Inspection and repairing services

Under principal’s instruction and training, Yamato Tidiki Express will also provide simple inspection of faulty products. If required, Yamato Tidiki Express can also perform the simple repairing job. This will reduce the lead time of repair jobs and delivery; hence we improve customer satisfaction. Click here to send us an enquiry for this service or got a quote for this service.

Electronics/Home Appliances Delivery

Yamato Tidiki Express has a dedicated team to manage specific customer delivery. Each team has been trained to carefully and appropriately handle electronics equipment to prevent damage to the goods such as Nespresso Coffee make machines. Delivery destinations include warehouses, shops, event locations, offices, customer’s homes. Basic on the needs of the customer, we can provide the relative repair services, contact us for further information we can customise to your needs. Click here to send us an enquiry for this service or got a quote for this service.

Collection of faulty machines and delivery of loan machines

Yamato Tidiki Express able to coordinate the collection of the faulty machine from customers and deliver it to the customer-specified repair centre. Upon collection of the faulty machines, Yamato Tidiki Express provide customer option to accept a loan machine to use for using the repair. Currently, we are providing this service for customers that are owning a Nespresso Coffee Machines but Contact us for more information on this service Yamato Tidiki Express could customise this service suits our customer needs. Click here to send us an enquiry for this service or got a quote for this service.

Above are the available time slots for the value added service. Contact us to check for availability.

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