About Yamato Tidiki Express

Yamato Tidiki Express is Singapore Local supplier of transport and logistics solutions locally and overseas. We are the subsidiary of Yamato Holding that have offices in more than 50 countries and an international network of partners and agents. Yamato Tidiki Express make good use of the global player to offers delivery services worldwide.


Yamato Tidiki Express live up to it’s promise to provide the best delivery experience in everything we do, from the first contact with our customers to placing orders; from collection and transportation to delivery, and in timely and accurate reporting of delivery status.

Good service does not happen as a result of one extraordinary employee who goes out of the way to peals a customer; good service is properly planned and managed at Yamato Tidiki Express.

And it all starts from designing, directing and controlling all the facilities, processes and required activities from the ground up to ensure all the various resource at our company are transformed into performance and delivery the best to our customers.

What this translates into is a level of commitment, dependability, and service standards that will ensure you and your customers get the level of service you deserve.

Because we understand we are not merely a cost centre but rather a link between you and all your important customers. As your delivery and/or logistic provider, we’re representing your company and your brand, we are the ones who will deliver your company’s products and interact with your customers – be it end-consumers, companies or retail outlets.

Contact us at 6225 3225 or cs@tidiki.com , take us up on our promise to our customers, and be prepared to be blown away by our service standards.



We take utmost importance to the safety of all our employees, packages, and stored goods. Our track record for lost goods and safety incidents is healthy, and we will aim to sustain this performance to be a global leader in the logistic and storage industry.


Transparent pricing and exceptional service quality, you can have a peace of mind working with Yamato Tidiki Express.


We are one of the leading logistics companies in Singapore. Now under the wing of Yamato Asia, we aim to grow and expand even further to be a global leader.


Pursuit of Customers Satisfaction

Yamato Tidiki Express strives to provide high quality services and customer satisfaction. We are constantly challenging ourselves to create new innovations and services that help improve lifestyle conveniences.

Respect for Life

Yamato Tidiki Express regards human life with the utmost respect and endeavors to achieve safety.

The Pleasure of Work

Yamato Tidiki Express seeks to be a corporation where each individual demonstrates autonomy and initiative and takes pleasure in working. We are a Company that encourages employees and their family to pursue dreams and possess pride in their work.

Adherence to Laws and Fair Practices

Yamato Tidiki Express upholds law, social norms and the letter and spirit of international regulations while acting in fairness with the highest ethical integrity.

A Corporation Trusted by Local Community

Yamato Tidiki Express carries out business activities as a trusted member of the local community and assists and advocates for personas with disabilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with Yamato Tidiki Express’s work attitude and passion , we continuously aim to provide better services not only for our customers, business partners but also to play apart in our Singapore society and environment; to keep Singapore a Clean and Green City. To promote adoption of good social  and environment practices in the Warehousing and Logistic industry. We implemented the 3Rs (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse) into our daily operation to enrich environmental friendly practices.

In a Warehousing and Logistic industry’s day to day operation, waste such as plastic wrap, cardboard boxes are produce as a by-product. In Yamato Tidiki Express, we do not just throw them a side like normal waste, we categorized them in special bins and these recyclable items are collected by recycling company for better use.

Yamato Tidiki Express Recycling Plan
Yamato Tidiki Express Recycling Plan

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Yamato Tidiki Express Singapore


The Tidiki Express Family was started in 2007 aim to provide the best Warehousing and Logistics services. Tidiki Express went under a bigger family of Yamato Asia and it was became known as Yamato Tidiki Express. Learn the journey of Yamato Tidiki Express to be the best  Warehousing and Logistic provider in Singapore.


Yamato Tidiki Express is leading by three strong individual. Get to know their experiences and drives, and what are their aims for Yamato Tidiki Express.