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Yamato Tidiki Express Warehousing

Logistics and Warehousing Services

With an estimation of 45 000 square feet of storage facilities customized with industry leading warehouse management technologies, along with a team of dedicated staff, Yamato Tidiki Express will be your one-stop solutions to your business’ logistics needs. Click Here for more information.

Yamato Tidiki Express Pick & Pack Service

Value Added Services

Yamato Tidiki Express not only provide excellent services in terms of warehousing and distribution, we also provide value added service to our clients that could be customized and catered to their business needs and special requests that Yamato Tidiki Express will be able to assist in. Click Here for more information.


Yamato Tidiki Express Last Mile Service

Last Mile Delivery

With our last mile delivery services, all the items stored in our warehouse will be safely and swiftly delivered to your customers’ homes. Click Here for more information.

Yamato Tidiki Express Healthcare item delivery

Healthcare Items Delivery

Yamato Tidiki Express has achieved certification for Goods Distribution Practices for Medical Devices (GDPMDS) and the Warehouse are certified by Accreditation Certification Body to store Medical Items. Click Here for more information.

At Yamato Tidiki Express,

We are located at Boon Lay Way, Singapore with an estimated of 45,000 sqft of warehouse and storage facilities, we are able to cater to high volume of logistics and storage requirements from all business industries.

We are specialized in comprehensive Logistics and Transportation solutions form the core of our business. We follow every step of the progress from procurement logistics right through to the end of the delivery.

Yamato Tidiki Express is really reliable and their service is efficient, after prior unpleasant experience with other courier services providers, i really appreciate that Tidiki always provide on time services


SG Medical Pte Ltd

Yamato Tidiki Express never fails to provide prompt response and adjustment according to our requests. Thus, each experience with their services has always been a pleasant one.




With a friendly team of customer support coordinating with their transport and delivery team, Tidiki always ensures that my logistics arrive to the location on time and in good condition, they never fail to impress!